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ACB Enterprises has a Master Franchisee relationship with Sofrito Brands and has rights to own & operate Sofrito in India's west and south markets since its inception in 2012. Sofrito is a direct subsidiary of ACB Enterprises, a firm opereated in coimbatore and its surrounding districts with a focus on putting up and Quick supplying service (QSS) in Coimbtore Sofrito Brands through 600 store delivery (as of 2nd April 2017) Coimbatore District

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Quality Inspection and Perfection

We are committed to producing high quality products across all of our brands. We maintain consumer trust by manufacturing superior products, starting with the purchase of our raw ingredients and continuing until the finished product reaches the consumers’ hands. We are also committed to developing new products in an ethical and responsible manner, and to following applicable ethical standards and guidelines relating to research.

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